Sunday, 8 July 2007


This 2 photos was captured under full inspiration from the Strobist blog!

Recently, I have read strobist blog that particularly teaching people about using off-flash camera. The blog is very interesting since it teaches about useful information using your flashgun off the camera instead of attaching it on the camera hot shoe. So basically, the blog gives you full detail on how to off-flash using your camera that have hot shoe. It's just amazing.
You can now put your flash gun anywhere. Yeah! Anywhere! All u need is either a pc sync cord or a wireless flash trigger. And for all those three pictures up there, i'm using a cheap (i mean really cheap!) ebay wireless flash trigger! Interested in the technique? just click the strobist link!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Kids (portrait)

Taking shots of children is quite a difficult task to handle with. They are always energetically moving around. Never sit still for more than 5 seconds. And they are quite naughty as well. But this 2 children (Mira and Yasmin) are so adorable. It is really easy to communicate with them. And the picture is the results. Enjoy.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Milennium Bridge, York

Recently, I was quite stressed! Lots of things to be done. Besides, it is totally WARM here today in Leamington Spa! I bought a packed of ICE. A bottle of mango juice and stayed in my room enjoying it! While drinking the mango juice, I've tried a new technique of editing picture and this is what i've achieved! Looking at this picture... it makes me cool again in this bright 'hot' shiny day!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Urban + Me at Countryside

Fountain Abbey

Pictures was taken inside the hall of the Fountain Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 1132 by 13 Benedictine monks. As u can see, the architecture of the hall is so impressive. And that is why i took this photo. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Rusty Sprocket

Hi everyone! The weather here in UK recently has been absolutely fantastic! Everyone seems to enjoy themselves hanging out with friends, family or the love one. Ok, enough with that, as u can see from the foto... i took this pictures of a sprocket from my friend push bike and covert it to mono using CS2. I've read somwhere in a magazine saying that mono works best with B&W. So i figured, why not give it a try? And here it is... the lovely mono pic of a 'rusty sprocket'

* This pic title made me remind of the word sprocket Malaysian always says it... SPOKET! heheheheh! Go Malaysia Go! Malaysian Style!

Monday, 4 June 2007


More Knaresborough picture. Love the scenery there.

Blue Door

How do you like the foto? Taken in Knaresborough. Below, i'm giving u the detail about this foto...

Nikon D50
2007/06/03 12:44:18.5
Compressed RAW (12-bit)
Image Size: Large (3008 x 2000)
Lens: 20mm F/2.8 D
Focal Length: 20mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/200 sec - F/16
Exposure Comp.: 0 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 200
Optimize Image: Normal
White Balance: Direct sunlight
AF Mode: AF-A
Flash Sync Mode: Not Attached
Auto Flash Comp: 0 EV
Color Mode: Mode IIIa (sRGB)
Tone Comp.: Auto
Hue Adjustment: 0°
Saturation: Normal
Sharpening: Auto
Image Comment:
Long Exposure NR: Off

I also tweaked the foto using CS2 to make it more dramatic! Cheers then!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Rush hour in York

York is one of the most beautiful city i've ever been in the UK. The wall that surrounded the city makes it more unique. If u ever get a chance to come here in York, u'll definitely need to see The Shambles. The architecture of the Viking's is really bizarre. More than that, there's Clifford's Tower. It is situated on a small hill within the city. Perhaps, i'll show u some pictures of York later. It will be much more easier rather than to read. Anyway, hope u like this picture.

Saturday, 2 June 2007


This foto was taken somewhere around Fulford, York. I have no idea what is the exact place called but it's near the Designer's Outlet. There's something with this pic that really interesting! It makes me feel something that i can't describe by words. Maybe some of u will think that this is just a normal view that anyone can shoot. But i still think that this foto really fascinate me! perhaps the color and the skies that makes this foto pretty. Hmm... I wonder...


Recently i went to Staithes situated north of Whitby, North Yorkshire. It is a very unique town. Staithes is famous for its past fishing industry and hundreds of years of mineral production, an industry that continues to the present day. Staithes is also the home for the famous Captain James Cook. Here's some of the foto i've taken in Staithes. I've manipulated most of the fotos using CS2.

Friday, 1 June 2007

More macro shots

Using the same method and kits as previous post... i've taken some more macro shots. But this time, i used my Sunpak PZ40X flashgun to help producing lights since i'm using small aperture to get better depth of field on subjects.

On the next post... i'll show u some of the photos taken in Staithes (One of the most unique old town in UK).