Sunday, 3 June 2007

Rush hour in York

York is one of the most beautiful city i've ever been in the UK. The wall that surrounded the city makes it more unique. If u ever get a chance to come here in York, u'll definitely need to see The Shambles. The architecture of the Viking's is really bizarre. More than that, there's Clifford's Tower. It is situated on a small hill within the city. Perhaps, i'll show u some pictures of York later. It will be much more easier rather than to read. Anyway, hope u like this picture.


captjoe said...

what a nice collection u have here..
by the way..IMO this pic will be better if u use slower shutter to express the busy moment..
just my 2 cents la..

hubblespace said...

err, capt. joe I think the pic is good as it is. The 'movement' in the pic is quite obvious, i.e, people captured in walking motion and also the firetruck.

If we used slower shutter, it might overexpose the picture due to the already bright sunlight, and I am quite sure hafidz used filters and polarisers for this shot.

Plus, the movement that we get from a slower shutter does not really work from this angle. The picture will be lacking detail because the trail of moving objects will cover the background.

However, if taken from an aerial view, maybe with the aid of an ND filter (2 or 3 stops), captjoe's idea may work quite nicely. :D

Hafidzfazly said...

Captjoe and hubblespace,
First of all, thanks so much for the comments. Actually i agree with both of u. At first i really wanted to use slower shutter due to express the movement of peoples in the pic. But the problem is at that time, i don't have any tripod or a firm place to hold the camera steady. I also in such a hurry since i don't want to miss the firetruck. And that is why i decided to capture the movement as it is. The thing is, when i came home and looked at this pic i realized that peoples in the pic is showing quite a strong 'movement'. hehehehe. So i guess, i'm quite glad with the pic.
Once again... cheers for both of u! ;)

Coy said...

You write very well.