Saturday, 2 June 2007


Recently i went to Staithes situated north of Whitby, North Yorkshire. It is a very unique town. Staithes is famous for its past fishing industry and hundreds of years of mineral production, an industry that continues to the present day. Staithes is also the home for the famous Captain James Cook. Here's some of the foto i've taken in Staithes. I've manipulated most of the fotos using CS2.


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Anonymous said...

pis..heheh... lawo2 gambo kau amik... bile nak balik amik gambo aku byk2 pulak? hahaha

+ min said...

+ sampan ituuuu
+ kaler die mcm flag malaysia siot
+ immigrant pegi sane nek sampan

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anim ckp: hahaha..nih aku dah letak name...hahaha